Chicago Bulls: Ranking 3 best contracts on the roster right now

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2. Tomas Satoransky, Guard

All the rookie contracts the Bulls currently have some of their top players on is valuable to the current cap situation, but won’t last forever. What can have a more lasting impact in terms of the roster construction is how the Bulls find value like they did out of former Washington Wizards 6-foot-7 combo guard Tomas Satoransky in a sign-and-trade deal last offseason.

Satoransky came over to the Bulls on a three-year deal worth $30 million total. His base salary will sit at $10 million per year. The first two years are fully guaranteed, while the third is only partially guaranteed. In that final year of his contract the first $5 million is guaranteed, but that is it.

As one of the more movable contracts on the cap sheet right now for the Bulls, Satoransky gives Karnisovas a lot of flexibility to figure out his new roster construction from here on out. Any team that needs a point guard, combo guard, or just more length on the perimeter could use the services of Sato in the next season or two.

The Bulls could also do well to keep Sato for the long haul. If they’re going to radically re-shape the current roster at hand, then Sato might be a good fit with the new cornerstones on the team.

However, Sato played in all 65 games the Bulls had prior to the hiatus. He averaged 9.9 points per game, 3.9 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 1.2 steals, while shooting 43.0 percent from the field, 32.2 percent from beyond the arc, and 87.6 percent from the charity stripe.