Chicago Bulls: 3 reasons to keep Lauri Markkanen this offseason

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Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

A constant conversation that will loom large for the rest of the year in the Chicago Bulls camp is what to do with power forward Lauri Markkanen.

A piece from Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times that was published last week highlighted how the Chicago Bulls could have the possibility of trading third-year power forward Lauri Markkanen if significant changes aren’t made entering the offseason. The Bulls are looking to make significant changes to the front office this year, so maybe it will be worth seeing how he’s able to rebound next season.

The Bulls entered novel coronavirus pandemic-induced NBA hiatus back on March 11. Their last game was played on March 10 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and they entered the hiatus with a record of 22-43.

Last week (April 4), I tackled the other side of the coin here for why the Bulls should think about trading Markkanen. But there are a number of arguments why the Bulls shouldn’t be giving up on the seventh overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft so early on. There was a lot invested in the likes of Markkanen, point guard Kris Dunn, and shooting guard Zach LaVine.

Giving up on any one of those three Bulls players after just two or three years might be too early. The front office does have key decisions to make for both Dunn and Markkanen once the coming offseason arrives (whenever that will be). Dunn is in the final year of his rookie contract currently, and Markkanen will be next year.

Here’s a look into the three reasons why the Chicago Bulls should keep power forward Lauri Markkanen this offseason, instead of trading him before the final year of his rookie contract.

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