Chicago Bulls: 3 best players never to win MVP

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for American Express)
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A number of worthy MVP candidates in the history of the Chicago Bulls didn’t get to reach the promiseland. Not everyone had the same luck as D-Rose and MJ.

Throughout a lot of successful seasons for the Chicago Bulls in the history of the franchise, there are players that still somehow go unheralded. But all of the success to get to the ultimate prize for the Bulls came over the course of one decade, with the six titles in the 1990’s.

The Bulls will always have two players that get all the attention when it comes to the stellar history of the franchise, at least prior to the current rebuild. Those two former Bulls superstars and Pro Basketball Hall-of-Famers include shooting guard Michael Jordan and forward Scottie Pippen.

A ton of other star players throughout the Bulls franchise history had a shot at getting this team to new heights. But no one obviously reached the heights that Pippen and Jordan helped the Bulls get to in the 1990’s.

Of those former Bulls players that did help this team out in the past, a few have won MVP honors. Jordan took the MVP honors back to the Windy City on five different occasions. The last Bull to win the MVP award was former superstar point guard Derrick Rose, after the 2010-11 season.

Former Bull legend Artis Gilmore did win an ABA MVP, but not when he was with this team. And ABA MVP doesn’t really count for a list like this.

Here’s a look into the three best players to ever play for the Chicago Bulls to not win any MVP honors during their time in the Windy City.