Chicago Bulls: LeBron James ‘can not wait’ for The Last Dance’ premier

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Current NBA superstar LeBron James is pumped for the release of a docuseries starring former Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

The wishes of so many basketball fans came true on March 30 with the announcement that ESPN/ABC would be premiering the 10-part documentary series starring the Chicago Bulls Hall-of-Fame shooting guard Michael Jordan called “The Last Dance” early on April 19. The report first came from Andrew Marchand of the New York Post on Monday night that ESPN would be moving up the premier of The Last Dance.

This ultra-hyped up docuseries was originally set to debut in early June. But pressure mounting from all sides due to the lapse in the NBA season from the novel coronavirus pandemic likely caused ESPN to move up this premier date. There was a ton of advocacy from people all over social media in the last couple of weeks to get this docuseries to air earlier, and here we are.

One of the major advocates for the moving up of the release of this docuseries was superstar Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James. In a recent podcast that he did with former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate and NBA Champion Richard Jefferson, among others, James was pushing for ESPN to get this early release done ASAP.

James Tweeted out his reaction to the move of the release date in the very early morning hours of March 31 (or March 30 depending on what time zone you live in). His message included that “April 19th can’t come fast enough” and that he “can not wait” for the premier of The Last Dance.

LeBron, along with the rest of the fans around the NBA especially in the Windy City will still be anxiously waiting for April 19 to arrive for this premier. This is good news to hear to help pass some of the time eaten up by the COVID-19 outbreak that placed the NBA season on hiatus.

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This docuseries will highlight the 1998 Bulls title team, which was also the last run for Jordan and Co. in the Windy City prior to the franchise officially going back into rebuild mode. Two decades later the Bulls are still without another title since the Jordan-era ended and their currently in the midst of the third year of their rebuild.