Chicago Bulls: Zach LaVine to play in part two of CoD tourney

Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine continues to provide fans with entertainment during the NBA hiatus. Tomorrow, he’ll participate in a Call of Duty tournament.

Thankfully in the era of social distancing, the world’s favorite athletes have been providing us with some really fun content. There have been lots of video game streams and lots of dogs — two of the best things the world has to offer during this weird, sad time.

Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine shared an awesome video on his Instagram of him playing one-on-one with his dog Grizzly (I wrote about Grizzly’s defense here). He also participated in a Call of Duty tournament put on by SLAM Gaming (streamed on Twitch) featuring some of the NBA’s best gamers, including Josh Hart, Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell and Meyers Leonard. It was absolutely electric.

And now, part two of the tournament will take place tomorrow and LaVine is back in it.

Check out the roster so far:

Unlike last time, Meyers Leonard, the self-proclaimed best CoD player in the NBA, will be on the opposite team of LaVine. This is a bummer for two reasons: Leonard is legitimately really good, and he also had some fun, encouraging words for LaVine during the last tournament. Now, LaVine will be on the receiving end of Leonard’s trash talk.

Right now, LaVine’s team is almost complete. There’s only one more spot available. Personally, I hope it’s Devin Booker. He’s an incredible gamer and would be a fun guy to root for if you’re rooting for Team LaVine.

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You can watch the stream of tomorrow’s tourney on at 7 pm ET.

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