Chicago Bulls: LeBron James agrees with all of us on ‘The Last Dance’ release

ESPN’s release of the docuseries “The Last Dance” featuring the Chicago Bulls 1998 title team is one that should be released early.

One of the most anticipated docuseries of the summer is set to release on ESPN, highlighting Chicago Bulls all-time great shooting guard Michael Jordan. “The Last Dance” had multiple outcries for an early release, instead of it’s planned debut in early June, but nothing has been answered by the powers that be at ESPN yet.

The outcry to see the documentary starring the 1998 Bulls title team even reached the pinnacle of NBA stardom this week. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward, and likely the NBA’s best player since MJ, LeBron James made his opinion known about what a potential early release of The Last Dance would do for the basketball world.

The “Road Trippin” podcast hosted the former teammates with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron and Richard Jefferson, this week to discuss all things basketball. In the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic that placed the NBA season on hiatus, there is a lot less to discuss in terms of modern basketball events and news.

Here’s what LeBron had to say on the matter on this podcast.

“I’m telling you, if they released that thing right now, the views?” James said. “Listen, if I’m Michael Jordan, I’m going in there and I’m making a conference call and I’m like, OK, what’s the reason we gonna hold onto it until June now? Compared to now, when everybody is at home.”

If LeBron even agrees that this documentary should release early, that should carry a lot of weight in the basketball media sphere. He’s one of the most prominent voices in the media in the entire sports landscape right now.

However, the release of The Last Dance tends to be a rather hotly debated topic of late. The 10-part docuseries is highly anticipated and should be one of the more memorable TV releases of the summer months. Especially given the lack of basketball news of late, adding in The Last Dance for Bulls fans could be huge.

This film series will document the Bulls 1998 title team that beat John Stockton, Karl Malone, and the Utah Jazz in the NBA Finals in six games. That was the last run that the legendary Bulls dynasty teams of the 1990’s had together. Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the crew would disband heading into the new century.

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All in all, LeBron’s opinion should align with that of pretty much the entire Bulls fan base. Even beyond Bulls fans, this documentary should be one that the entirety of basketball fandom should want to see as soon as possible.

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