Life without Chicago Bulls basketball: Day 12 thoughts

Day 12 of the NBA’s hiatus saw another slowing in the news cycle for the Chicago Bulls as the battle with novel coronavirus continues domestically.

Gaining on two weeks without the Chicago Bulls playing in a single game, the NBA hiatus is starting to feel like it’s lasted forever. The NBA placed its season on hiatus on March 11 and the last game the Bulls played in was on March 10.

Since that point, the NBA hasn’t had much tangible news outside of around a dozen players testing positive for novel coronavirus. The known players that have tested positive for COVID-19 includes Boston Celtics point guard Marcus Smart, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant, Utah Jazz teammates Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, and Detroit Pistons forward Christian Wood.

It was reported that three other Nets players and two Los Angeles Lakers tested positive for COVID-19, but the word was never released on who they actually were. The Bulls seem to be in the clear thus far, at least as the situation was reported.

While the news cycle in the NBA slowed down on March 22, what’s going on around the league and with the Bulls.

The re-air continues

NBC Sports Chicago continues their replay of the 1996 NBA Finals run for the Bulls. MJ and Scottie Pippen were taking on the Miami Heat during their playoff run in the first round in the Eastern Conference side of the bracket. The Bulls took the first two games against the Heat in this 1996 first round playoff series.

More fun games to go back and watch

Basketball media personality and founder of The Ringer Bill Simmons started posting a few NBA games that he felt like fans might not have seen yet in the last week. On March 20, he posted on the 1997 game between the Bulls and Washington Bullets in the NBA playoffs.

NBA flashing back on a special run for a former Bull

Former Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose was the youngest player to win the NBA MVP honors when he took the award back to the Windy City in 2011. But his career took a turn for the worst just a few years after that. He would wind up rejuvenating his career with the Minnesota Timberwolves last season, including a 50-point outing early on.

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Rudy Gobert gives a COVID-19 update

The first NBA player to have announced he tested positive for COVID-19 was Gobert earlier this month. He provided an update on his status in the battle with COVID-19 on March 22, and it doesn’t sound all that great.

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