Chicago Bulls: Building the all-time worst starting five

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For a player to be on this all-time worst starting five list for the Chicago Bulls, I put together the criteria that he would at least have to start in 35 games in any particular season for this team. A player would not be considered among the all-time worst starting five if not was not regularly in the starting lineup for the Bulls.

While advanced metrics weren’t usually taken into account prior to the early 2010’s, there is a retroactive approach we can take to see how efficient (or inefficient) certain players were in the past. The game has changed a lot so those advanced metrics don’t always cover the impact that a certain player had in a different era in the NBA.

Box plus/minus rating, win share per 48 minutes, and true shooting percentage are still important factors to the overall success of a team in any era. A lot of positive and negative stats still contributed the same way to winning and losing that they do now. Getting to the free-throw line might be more important now, and help true shooting more so than it used to, but it still mattered prior to the 2010’s.

Overall points per game, rebounds, assists, steals, etc. obviously play a role here along with field goal percentage. Conversely, if a Bulls player had a poor field goal shooting percentage, too many turnovers, and/or personal fouls, that will hurt their case to stay away from the team’s all-time worst starting five.