Life without Chicago Bulls Basketball: Day 3 thoughts

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The NBA is now in its third day without any games, and the Chicago Bulls are going on four days without any action on the court.

The world without the NBA brings about a dreary sight for Chicago Bulls fans and beyond. The Bulls played their last game on March 10 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and that might be the last action for a long time for this team. The Bulls won that game by the final score of 108-103.

With that win over the Cavaliers likely to be the last game action for the Bulls for quite a while, where do we go from here?

The Bulls finished up their 2019-20 season that was with a record of 22-43. Head coach Jim Boylen didn’t see much of a run from his team, despite them getting healthier, out of the All-Star Break. Rookie point guard Coby White had a hot scoring stretch out of the All-Star Break and small forward Otto Porter Jr. finally made his return to the rotation.

Next up for the Bulls after their March 10 win at home at the United Center over the Cavaliers was supposed to be a road meeting with the Orlando Magic on March 12. But that game was to come one day after the NBA put its season on hiatus.

Now, here’s a look into what’s happened since the NBA put its season on hiatus and where we go from here.

What’s happened since:

There’s a lot of discussion surrounding the pay for NBA players in the midst of the COVID-19, depending on how long this hiatus sticks around. A so-called “doomsday provision” in the CBA makes it so that the players could go a few weeks or a month without pay. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski detailed more on that on March 13.

Tests also continue to come in for current and NBA players with the COVID-19 scare. Toronto Raptors forward Serge Ibaka apparently tested negative for it.

NBA Draft questions are starting to be asked since a lot of those occur in April and May. The Portsmouth Invitational was already reportedly cancelled.

Bulls players on social media:

Shooting guard Zach LaVine had about a two or three day silent period on social media, before posting about his status at home on Instagram on March 13.

White also posted about the COVID-19 precautions on his Instagram page on March 13.

OPJ also posted for the first time in a while on Instagram on March 13.

Some much needed positive news, and how to keep entertained:

The good news for Bulls fans everywhere is that there’s a lot of good memories and games to go back and watch from the 1990’s and the 2000’s when the likes of Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, and Jimmy Butler were starring in the Windy City.

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FanSided released a list of five games you can go back and watch to keep you entertained during this lengthy NBA hiatus. One of those games included a good one from MJ.

Moreover, a handful of players have agreed to donate to either disaster relief funds in the midst of the COVID-19 scare and for hourly arena workers. Zion Williamson, Kevin Love, and Giannis Antetokounmpo are among those players who donated to the worker’s cause.

The Golden State Warriors are also one of the teams that donated to a disaster relief fund around the world of sports.

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This situation that the sports world finds itself in right now seemingly reminds a lot of basketball fans of the classic movie “Space Jam”. That is a movie that you can catch on Netflix, and can also keep Bulls fans entertained from the glory days of MJ while the NBA is in hiatus.