3 reasons why Chicago Bulls could make the playoffs

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Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bulls could have a lot at stake when the team returns from the All-Star break, and hopefully once they get healthier.

Here’s a look at 3 reasons why the Chicago Bulls could make the playoffs.

It seems the Bulls will need to have a bit of a “win or go home” mentality for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season.

The Bulls have 27 regular season games remaining after All-Star Weekend. Currently, the team is sitting 5 games outside of clinching the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. The only teams likely standing in the Bulls’ way are the Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards.

There is hope the Bulls can turn things around after getting back players who are riddled by injury and having some much-needed time off during All-Star Weekend.

Among the costliest injuries to the team has been Otto Porter Jr., Kris Dunn, Wendell Carter Jr. and Lauri Markkanen.

On a positive note, Zach LaVine has stepped up his game playing at a near All-Star level every game this season.

Still, the Bulls have struggled to win certain games. The team is currently in the middle of a 6-game losing streak, which is hoped to end sooner rather than later.

Getting Porter, Dunn and Markkanen is hoped to go a long way toward helping the Bulls clinch a playoff spot. It would help LaVine greatly because he’s seen some aggressive defensive coverages lately that seek to stifle his ability to make an impact on the game.

To the Bulls’ dismay, they have a tough schedule down the stretch between March 20 and April 8, which includes a huge west coach swing. The problem is the Bulls typically do not fare well against teams above the .500 mark. The lone victory where the Bulls beat a playoff-bound team took place Dec. 13, 2019, against the Los Angeles Clippers.

On a positive note, the Bulls have slowly but surely started winning the games they should as of lately.

Let’s take a close look at 3 reasons why the Bulls could make the playoffs.

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