Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine featured in Haute Living

Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine is featured on the front cover of the latest issue of Haute Living, in what could be a big 2020 for him.

Here’s a look at why this is a big deal for Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine.

It appears 2020 could be the year of LaVine.

In a Feb. 12 tweet and Instagram post, LaVine took time to share the news of how he made the front cover of the luxury lifestyle magazine Haute Living. This new development comes at a good time, especially considering LaVine has been snubbed in more ways than one in recent weeks.

Haute Living took notice of LaVine’s celebrity and is putting him in the spotlight.

The article includes images from a photoshoot where LaVine is posing while wearing designer clothes paired with at least one item he actually owns. It’s a nice touch for LaVine. It goes a long way toward showing the readers how he maintains a down-to-earth persona.

LaVine is currently in the middle of his third season as a Bull and his sixth in the NBA.

Still, there is a bit of mystery to the Bulls star, which makes him a subject all the more interesting to feature in a lifestyle magazine.

As he’s shown the league over the years, LaVine is more than a former, two-time NBA All-Star Slam Dunk champion as it’s often been noted.

As the article indicates, LaVine is a simple guy. This might seem difficult to imagine. For one thing, LaVine has a liking for luxury vehicles. This is where LaVine begs to differ. As the article indicates, the Bulls star has coined his own definition for what luxury means.

“I think [luxury is] all about perspective,” he notes in the article. “It’s about what you value, and what makes you happy. A vacation with my parents or my girl doesn’t have to be expensive—the luxury is the time spent.”

In addition, the article indicates how he has primarily made modest purchases since inking contracts to play the game he loves. For LaVine, there is more to life than material things. LaVine has bigger aspirations for the things money can’t buy.

As the article indicates, LaVine is looking to bring back the excitement that made the Michael Jordan era of Bulls basketball famous.

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“[Chicago] has so much rooted here, and that’s what I’m trying to get back, that feeling and that vibe of being one of the top franchises [in the NBA],” he says in the article. “We’ve been down a little bit the last couple of years, but we’re still fighting. We’ve got the right mindset. We’re going out there, and we’re going to get it right.”

Ultimately, the hope is that LaVine’s time with the Bulls will not be for naught.