Chicago Bulls: 4 players GarPax whiffed on at the trade deadline

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Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls (Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Facing the Washington Wizards on Feb. 11, the Chicago Bulls are dealing with the same roster that they had heading into the trade deadline.

All quiet on the Chicago Bulls front was the theme of the 2020 trade deadline. The Bulls didn’t make any moves to provide any clarity as to which direction this franchise is headed with the offseason not all that far away. Since the looming postseason is likely to come without a Bulls appearance in the Eastern Conference side of the bracket for the third straight year, this trade deadline silence doesn’t make much sense.

At least the Bulls didn’t mortgage their future on a player that doesn’t fit with the direction of the franchise if they intend to continue this rebuild into a fourth year this coming summer.

Some teams like the Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks are down this year, but could have bright futures ahead given the stars they have in place. Other teams like the Los Angeles Clippers and Miami Heat were in go mode trying to buy up as many talented  players as they could to further their chances at winning a title this season.

The Bulls fall somewhere toward the end of the spectrum that needed to be sellers at the trade deadline. But the Bulls wound up as one of those teams that just stood pat and did absolutely nothing, despite having multiple trade assets to work with. Trading draft picks wasn’t the right move, by neither was hanging onto players like power forward Thaddeus Young and/or shooting guard Denzel Valentine. Both are players that either seemingly wanted out or will be gone this summer.

On the other hand, were there any players that the Bulls should’ve tried to trade for that were either on the chopping block with their current teams or were dealt anyway?

Here’s a look into the four players that the Chicago Bulls missed out on at the 2020 trade deadline.

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