Chicago Bulls: Trade proposals with the Atlantic Division

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Gearing up for part two of our trade deadline series, we will take a look at what kind of trades the Chicago Bulls could make with the NBA’s Atlantic Division.

With the trade deadline still looming, both the Chicago Bulls and the entirety of the Atlantic Division are beginning to evaluate their needs and team directions going into the latter part of the season. In one of the better divisions in basketball, almost all of these teams (with the exception of the New York Knicks) are in a position to make the playoffs in 2020 and quite possibly fight for an NBA Title. Especially in a tight division such as this, the trade deadline can truly make or break a team’s championship hopes.

Although the vast majority of these teams are very much hoping to be contending this season, each of these five franchises has very different needs and timelines. However, the Bulls are in a position to serve as a viable trade partner for each of these organizations and their individual situations. As for the Bulls’ side of the equation, the Atlantic division has a lot of pieces for both now and the future that are very realistic trade chips. The team is currently at a crossroads of whether to be buyers or sellers at this year’s deadline, and this dilemma is made even more difficult given the fact that the injury-ridden bulls are very tricky to evaluate.

This slideshow will take fans through five possible trades, one for each team, within the NBA’s hyper-competitive Atlantic Division. Each trade scenario will be followed by an in-depth synopsis of why the deal makes sense for both clubs and the implications of the deal. Each of the following trades falls within the NBA’s salary cap and roster number rules for the 2019-2020 season.

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