Chicago Bulls Trades: 3 possible Thaddeus Young-Clippers package deals

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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If the Chicago Bulls decide that it is best to get another team involved along with the Clippers to deal out Young, then why not bring in their crosstown and divisional rival to the discussion. The Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers could very well be the two teams that meet in the Western Conference Finals this season, if the stars align right.

With the Lakers possibly trying to deal out the young and talented forward Kyle Kuzma before the 2020 trade deadline, then the Bulls should be open to the idea of bringing him to the Windy City. Kuzma is one of the biggest pieces of this three-team trade deal. The Bulls would also still get Harkless from the Clippers and the Lakers would add in veteran point guard Avery Bradley for salary-match purposes.

What the Lakers are getting in this trade deal all involves pieces sent out by the Bulls. Defensive stopper and 6-foot-4 fourth-year point guard Kris Dunn lands with the Lakers, as does Hutchison. The Lakers also get a future first round draft pick from the Bulls for their troubles. And the Lakers might not be willing to part ways with Kuzma unless future draft assets are included.

The exchange between the Bulls and Clippers stays the same here. The Clippers get what they want, with Young, and the Bulls get to add wing depth with Harkless. And if the Lakers and Clippers feel like they can help each other out, then why not?

Granted these two crosstown rivals aren’t likely to engage in any trade talks directly at any point before the 2020 deadline.