Chicago Bulls: Re-drafting 2017 NBA Draft two-and-a-half years later

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3. De’Aaron Fox, Point Guard

Team: Boston Celtics

Original draft slot: 5

Although the Celtics drafted heavy toward guards around 2017, they would be mistaken to pass up on the opportunity to select the original No. 5 overall pick of the Sacramento Kings, former Kentucky Wildcats 6-foot-3 point guard De’Aaron Fox. A point guard that has enough of a well-rounded skill set to average around 15 points per game, 3.5 rebounds, and six assists through his career up to this point certainly is special.

As one of the three established stars in this draft class, and potentially the most exciting to watch of the bunch, Fox would really give a jolt of energy to this Celtics starting backcourt. He also might spurn the need for the Celtics to ever experiment with the idea of trading for Kyrie Irving or signing Kemba Walker to a max contract.

What Fox would also bring to the table for the Celtics is stability with this young core. The Celtics would then be able to focus their trade assets to fill other positional needs before having to sign an All-Star caliber point guard like Kyrie or Kemba. Fox has yet to make his first All-Star team, but it should come in due time.

Although the positional need wasn’t there for the Celtics initially, it would be best to go with drafting the best player left on the board. Fox also has a very valid argument to be selected higher than either Mitchell or Tatum in this re-draft. But the Celtics needs to scoop him up as he could be a multi-time All-Star selection that is around for a long-time in the NBA.

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