Power ranking Chicago Bulls players through the first 30 games

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6. Otto Porter Jr.

Previous ranking: 5

I don’t know what to do with Otto Porter Jr. anymore. He was utterly sensational in his 15 games with the Bulls last season and has been immensely disappointing this season. His discouraging 2019-20 campaign has been a huge part of why the Bulls have been struggling as a team.

In the nine games he’s played this season, he’s looked uninspired on both offense and defense. We always knew he could shoot the ball, but he took a huge step forward last season as a playmaker. He became a multidimensional offensive player. That all disappeared this season. He hasn’t been attacking the basket or creating shots for teammates nearly as well as he did last season.

A lot of Porter’s disappointments can be chalked up to injuries. But still, the best ability is availability and Porter hasn’t been available for the Bulls. That’s a problem that continues to set him back in the player power rankings.