Power ranking Chicago Bulls players through the first 30 games

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7. Coby White

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Coby White, the Bulls’ most recent first-round draft pick, has had an intro season full of ups and downs. He’s shown glimpses of brilliance as both a playmaker and scorer, but he’s ultimately been super inefficient.

On the season, White is averaging 10.9 points per game on brutal .349/.321/.792 shooting splits. He has the worst field goal percentage in the league among players who attempt at least 10 field goals per game and have played at least 15 games. That’s not good.

Some of White’s struggles fall on the coaching staff, though. They’re using him completely wrong. Coby’s at his best when he’s running in transition or penetrating in the half-court. Instead, he’s been used way too much as a J.R. Smith, Dion Waiters type of guy. You know, someone who roams the 3-point line and chucks up difficult jumpers.

One of the biggest blemishes on Jim Boylen’s record is how he’s used Coby White so far. I’m afraid the Bulls are accidentally helping Coby develop bad habits.