Kevin Love Trades: 3 possible Chicago Bulls-Cavs package deals

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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If the Chicago Bulls are going to try to land a star that is commanding as much attention at the moment as K-Love, then it is going to take a big splash trade offer. In this framework, the Bulls are sending their starting small forward (at least when he’s healthy) with the former Washington Wizard Otto Porter Jr., as the main piece that the Cavaliers will get.

Since the Bulls are so lacking in the wing depth department right now, dishing out OPJ is working into dangerous territory. But the lacking play of former New York Knicks center Luke Kornet means that the frontcourt depth is thinner than originally anticipated in the Windy City. Love will help that out, and the wing depth is added back with rookie Kevin Porter Jr.

In the last two games combined, KPJ has 24 points and 11 rebounds. It’s starting to look like he’s putting it all together. And that need to add depth at the two-guard, beyond starting shooting guard Zach LaVine, is helped out by landing KPJ. At 6-foot-5, he also has the length and leaping ability to compete at small forward.

All in all, this trade package might work out nicely for both sides. The Bulls can’t seem to keep OPJ healthy right now, and when he was in the starting five he wasn’t very effective. But he was very solid down the stretch last season, and his two-way ability on the wing still carries a ton of trade value. His large price tag also helps to even out the salary swaps between the Cavaliers and Bulls.