Chicago Bulls: 3 reasons why David Fizdale is a better HC than Jim Boylen

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2. Less goofy antics than Jim Boylen

Beyond the actual numbers from the Chicago Bulls under Boylen and the Knicks under Fizdale, there’s a lot that fans in the Windy City have to be getting tired of from their head coach. Boylen constant goofy antics put a poor spin on the image that this Bulls franchise gets these days around the NBA.

And that’s going to hamper the Bulls each passing offseason that free agents choose not to come play in Chicago. All these weird antics that Boylen tries often has to wear on this locker room. And he’s likely going to become more and more unpopular with his players. He certainly is with most of this Bulls fan base.

The most recent of Boylen’s antics included the time cards and punch-in time clock at practice, and his weird “Field of Dreams” quote after a loss this season. But, going back to his wind sprints and push ups in practice after his team was getting embarrassed in games last season, Boylen isn’t viewed in a positive light by most players, teams, and fans.

There are noted troubles especially between one of the Bulls best players, shooting guard Zach LaVine, and Boylen. When Boylen benched LaVine (citing poor defensive effort) in a loss to the Miami Heat at home at the United Center, it did spark better scoring efforts game in and game out. But there was no backing to that actual reason that Boylen gave for benching LaVine. And it seemed to cause strain between the two parties after the game.