Chicago Bulls: Ranking the 10 best young cores in the league post-draft

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7. Chicago Bulls

Some of you probably think the Bulls are coming in a little too high on this list, and some of you probably think they’re coming in a little too low. That’s the beauty in having five potential starters that are nowhere close to their ceilings.

The Bulls are finally putting guys on the floor that will make each other better.

Coby White, the seventh overall pick in this year’s draft, will fit in seamlessly with the Bulls’ up-and-coming frontcourt (Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr.) and should bring out the best in Zach LaVine and Otto Porter Jr.

By the time the 2019-2020 season starts, White will be 19, LaVine will be 24, Porter will be 26, Markkanen will be 22 and Carter will be 20. If that’s the Bulls’ starting lineup, then they’ll probably lose a lot of games due to inexperience and immaturity.

But check this out: That’s okay.

Sometimes, it’s fine to throw young guys into the fire and see how they respond. All five of the aforementioned Bulls seem to be extremely mentally tough, so they’ll bounce back from whatever rough moments they endure on the court.

It’ll probably be a few years before they’re a serious contender, but the Bulls look like they’ll be one of the first recently-tanking teams to make the leap from losing to winning.

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