Coby White vs. Darius Garland: Chicago Bulls PG Draft cases

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Who is the better choice?

These are the real questions that matter as it pertains to the Chicago Bulls drafting a point guard on June 20. Who is ultimately the better player and better fit for the Bulls to nab if they’re available at seven, or if GarPax holds the intentions to trade up.

The general consesus among fans and the national media seems to hold it that Darius Garland will be drafted higher than Coby White. But both players bring different physical tools and skill sets to the table. White also looks to be the less risky of the two since he is not coming off a season-ending lower-body injury, like Garland is from Vanderbilt.

Who is more likely?

If the Bulls do stay put at seven, which looks more likely now since the Hawks traded up with the Pelicans for the fourth pick, then White would be the probable option between him and Garland. If the Hawks do want to draft Hunter at four, then the chances that these two drop to the Bulls increases dramatically.

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The Suns were the other team drafting in the top seven that needs a point guard as bad as the Bulls and Grizzlies. But the Suns traded that pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves. We should be seeing Morant go off the board first, at number two. If the Bulls have any choice between White and Garland, then the Vanderbilt former five-star recruit and AAU standout should be the way to go.

Availability verdict: Coby White

Better draft pick: Darius Garland

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