Chicago Bulls: 2019 NBA Draft prospect big board rankings

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With the NBA draft set to begin today, it is time to make a final Chicago Bulls prospect ranking list for the class of 2019.

This class is widely thought of as a very shallow draft, and this is true to a point. However, like any draft, there is hidden talent scattered around the player pool that GM’s across the league will be kicking themselves for passing on in a few years.

In this slideshow, I will rank the top 60 players in the NBA draft class of 2019. These rankings are not a big board, but rather a general ranking of prospects by pure skill and professional potential. Different teams value players differently based on style of play and positional needs, but this article will not consider these factors.

For each of the top 38 prospects, I will provide a short synopsis of their strengths, weaknesses, potential, and provide a comparison to a current NBA player. As for players 39 through 60, they will simply be named and ranked.

1. Zion Williamson, F, Duke

The clear-cut top prospect in the draft, Zion Williamson‘s frame and athleticism are unparalleled. At over 280 pounds, there were no players who could stop Williamson from getting to the rack in his lone Duke season.

Williamson is clearly a generational athlete, concerns about his jump shooting and ball handling are prevalent. His size at only 6-foot-7 may be a problem at the power forward, but his pure athleticism makes him the draft’s top prospect by a mile.

Current NBA comparison: Blake Griffin

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