Anthony Davis Trade: 3 Chicago Bulls thoughts post-Lakers deal

Chicago Bulls Anthony Davis (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls Anthony Davis (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Alternative point guard options

With the Pelicans landing Lonzo, could the Chicago Bulls legitimately be able to consider landing star point guard Jrue Holiday? That also depends on where the Pelicans are looking for the future. Lonzo obviously still has a high ceiling, but he has serious concerns too. Holiday is in the midst of his peak years of production.

How the Pelicans treat the Holiday situation will largely temper the trade market that exists for him this summer. He’s an expensive piece contract-wise, but is also one of the more talented veteran point guards that could be available this summer. He might also be a good mentor for Lonzo with the Pelicans.

If the Pelicans do want to try and make the playoffs this year with Ingram and Ball in the mix now, then trading Holiday isn’t smart. But he could get a pretty good return for a team that needs a veteran point guard, like the Bulls. He won’t have Anthony Davis to refer to anymore in NOLA.

The Bulls could also still consider a player that caught a lot of traction with his hometown recently, with former Los Angeles Clippers point guard and Windy City native Patrick Beverley. But Holiday is a more solidified starting point guard solution over Dunn than Beverley would be. But the Bulls could still look around for a piece like Coby White in this year’s draft.