Chicago Bulls Second Round Draft Prospects: Michigan Men

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Ignas Brazdeikis: 14.8 Points per game | 5.4 Rebounds per game | 39.2 Three-point percentage

NBA Combine numbers:

Body Fat: 6.00 pecent
Hand Length: 8.75
Hand Width: 9.50
Height Without Shoes: 6-foot-5.75
Height With Shoes: 6-foot-7.25
Standing Reach: 8-foot-6
Weight: 220.8
Wingspan: 6-foot-9.25

About “Iggy”

The most interesting prospect of the three, Brazdeikis is a Lithuanian born, Canadian raised 20-year-old that made his presence felt in the Big Ten as a one-and-done.

Brazdeikis measured at the combine 6-foot-7 in shoes and 6-foot-5 without and a wingspan of 6-foot-5 1/4. Mostly playing as a power forward at Michigan, Brazdeikis’ physicality, post and lateral defense on the wing will be tested in the NBA.

Undersized for the 4 and too slow to guard the 3, Brazedikis is a tweener who’s offensive talent is his meal ticket to an NBA roster. He is ambidextrous and shoots left-handed but is right-handed which keeps defenders on their toes with his driving and finishing ability.

If Brazdeikis has one thing though, it’s toughness. His father is Sigitas Brazdeikis, a 6-foot-6 former professional MMA fighter from Lithuania. He brought Ignas and their family to Chicago shortly before moving to Canada.

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