Chicago Bulls: Terry Rozier isn’t future point guard solution

Chicago Bulls Terry Rozier (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls Terry Rozier (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Recent production for Terry Rozier

Rozier is a ball dominant player as well. His best attribute is his scoring, and that often comes at the expense of his teammates. The Chicago Bulls have players who can score on the roster. The fourth-year guard had trouble adjusting his game to pair with an All-Star and ball-dominant point guard in Kyrie Irving.

The Celtics were a +5.4 per 100 possessions when both guards were on the court together. That number dips to -3.3 when It’s just Rozier running the show. Ideally, the Bulls are looking for a guard that can run the team. With two young big men on the roster, It’s vital that they have a point guard who can create easier scoring chances for them while also not hijacking the offense.

The days of a pass-first PG are over and done with, but the quality starting point guards are also great passers and great decision makers; something that Rozier is currently not.  As the unquestioned starting PG during the playoffs with Kyrie injured, Rozier had an assist percentage of 26.3 percent which is by far his highest in that category (a career 17.0 assist rate).

Dunn’s career assists percentage is 27.8 perecnt, but his turnover percentage (17.7) is much higher than Rozier. Now, Dunn has more games as a starting point guard and played with a less talented team, so the stats aren’t perfect, but Rozier isn’t precisely an upgrade in the playmaking department. Rozier’s pension for taking tough, contested shots over continuing to run the offense contributes to his low assist percentage.