Chicago Bulls: Terry Rozier isn’t future point guard solution

Chicago Bulls Terry Rozier (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls Terry Rozier (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Additional red flags for Terry Rozier

The biggest red flag for Terry Rozier is his maturity. He was openly putting about his role on the Celtics and he did have a point. After a semi-successful run as the starting point guard on a team that came within one win from making the finals, Rozier probably felt that he had earned more responsibility and a bigger role within the offense.

However, there’s a way you go about addressing team business, and going to the media is not the way to go. Though Dunn did an interview with The Athletic, he kept it very professional throughout the interview.

Immediately after the Celtics’ elimination from the playoffs, Rozier decided to air out the dirty laundry that had been festering in the locker room this past season. During appearances on ESPN’s Get Up and First Take, the upcoming free agent talked about the difficulties playing with Kyrie Irving and how he sacrificed.

When Stephen A. Smith asked him about the possibility of the Celtics bringing back everyone next year, Rozier responded: “ Nah man, I might have to go.” For a team that almost had a mutiny in Boylen’s first week on the job, team chemistry should be of importance.

Good times rarely allow for internal conflict to make its way out into the public forum, let alone on national TV. After the almost mutiny during Boylen’s first week on the job, the less drama, the better.