Chicago Bulls: Prospects, Lonzo Ball, more seventh pick options

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Mike Conley and the Chicago Bulls

After jumping to the second-overall spot in the 2019 NBA Draft, the rebuilding Memphis Grizzlies have a lot of power as a result of the lottery. This sets them up to draft either Ja Morant or RJ Barrett, but show signs that they’re more interested in Morant for the time being.

The messaging from the Bulls front office is clear in regards to needs. Mike Conely checks their two boxes; 1) he’s an upgrade at point guard and 2) is a veteran. Like Ball, Conley made his wishes clear to his front office in terms of any potential trade destination; he wants to play in the East.

If the Bulls trade for Mike Conley, it’s very likely he’d become the best player they’ve had since Butler. While Markkanen and LaVine are expected to continue growing, Conley plays at an All-Star level (despite never making that team) each and every season.

Conley averaged 21.1 points, 6.4 assists, and shot 43.8 percent from the field in 70 games for Memphis last season, albeit with a depleted roster.

Spending most of his career in a grit-and-grind system in Memphis, you’re hoping that Conley makes the adjustment to a Chicago roster that needs someone to get shooters open touches. Conley is a plenty accomplished point guard but hasn’t played with a team loaded with so much shooting talent in his twelve-year career

Complicating this deal is Conley’s contract. The Bulls will need to play salary cap doctors to take on Conley’s $32.5 million this season and $34.5 million player option the season after. This deal does fall in line with the expiration of the Crtisiano Felicio and Otto Porter Jr contracts, potentially making it an easier decision for the front office.