Chicago Bulls: LeBron James Lakers trade odds include Windy City

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In the midst of six teams being included as the teams that could land LeBron James if he leaves the Los Angeles Lakers was the Chicago Bulls.

Getting a haul on the trade market this summer that would include the Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward LeBron James would clearly be crucial for the Chicago Bulls in becoming an immediate title contender in the Eastern Conference. LeBron James is still a huge name in the NBA that sits among the premier talents in the game today.

Just because LeBron will be 35-years-old when the 2020 NBA Playoffs arrive doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be extremely effective for a team like the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls also need help with veteran leadership in the locker room. Mainly, there is no one better at commanding a team and distributing the ball around in the NBA now than LeBron.

Bringing LeBron into the mix instantly makes the Bulls title contenders, like it should’ve done for the Lakers. LeBron would also have an easier road to getting to the NBA Finals once again with the Bulls in the East than he has with the Lakers out West. That could shuffle this summer with so many big names hitting the free agent market.

But, the East appears to be the path of least resistance for LeBron to win a title, like he had with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Funny enough, the Cavs and Bulls are two of the teams that are mentioned among the favorites to land LeBron if he actually hits the trade block this summer.

The latest odds for LeBron, if the dysfunction of the Lakers front office really does have an impact on his stability on the West Coast, has him likely going back to the East. The Los Angeles Clippers were also mentioned with the teams that he could start out the 2019-20 regular season with if not the Lakers.

The teams out of the East that were included in those odds were the Cavs, Bulls, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and Indiana Pacers. All of those teams were either rivals of LeBron when he was playing with the Heat or the Cavs in the East or teams he played for or almost played for at one point or another.

However, there was at least some level of stability that was brought to the Lakers organization when the confusing and indirect coaching search finally came to an end over the weekend. That could help LeBron was to stick around in Los Angeles a bit longer.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, LeBron James was not influencing the coaching search the Lakers were putting on. The coaching search did wind up with former Pacers and Orlando Magic head coach Frank Vogel as the man to lead LeBron and the Lakers.

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Could that wind up in LeBron wanting out and coming to a place like the Windy City to join the Chicago Bulls? If we’re being realistic, probably not, but this is still an interesting subject that emerged lately.