Chicago Bulls: Draft strategy assuming first overall pick possession

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Trade possibilities with the top overall pick

It has been made very clear that the Knicks want Zion Williamson, and if they fail to obtain the first overall pick through the lottery, they will likely pay a steep price to move up.

In this scenario, New York picks second and moves their 2019 pick along with a protected 2020 pick to get Williamson. New York would be likely to make this move because they believe they will be a top landing spots for free agents such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving this summer.

In this scenario, the Cavaliers end up with the second pick in the draft. In order to get the prize of the draft in Williamson, they move their second overall pick, their 25th overall pick from the Rockets, and a 2020 2nd round pick from the Utah Jazz.

Cleveland gives up a lot in this situation for two reasons. First, they do not want to pick a point guard because they took Collin Sexton top ten last year. Second, because they owe Atlanta their 2019 first round pick, they have to nail this years draft, and Williamson seems to be the way to do so.

Chicago benefits greatly from this deal because while the talent in this draft drops off significantly after the third pick, the player pool is generally the same talent level from picks four to the mid twenties. The second round pick is simply a bonus for Chicago, who would have three second round picks in 2020.

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