Picturing the Chicago Bulls as “Game of Thrones” characters

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Kris Dunn — Ghost

Ah Ghost, the too often forgotten and one of only two remaining direwolves. Ghost’s presence on Thrones is as controversial as Kris Dunn’s time with the Chicago Bulls.

When first discovered and adopted by the Stark family in the series’ pilot episode, Ghost was the undersized runt of the litter. This seems especially fitting, considering how Dunn is the most overlooked return piece of the Jimmy Butler trade in 2017. Dunn has been forced to live in the shadow of Markkanen and Zach LaVine as the big dogs of this current Bulls team.

Due to budget constraints, Ghost is a character prone to go long stretches without an appearance in the show. When Ghost actually shows up, you can count on the pale-furred beast to display some ferocious protective qualities.

Kris Dunn is also a player who struggles with inconsistent tendencies. When he’s hot, Dunn plays with a tenacity that’s hard not to love. Unfortunately, those appearances are becoming increasingly few and far in between. Dunn also won’t ever have the “CGI budget” excuse to explain his disappearance on the court. If Dunn proves to be half as resilient as his Thrones counterpart, however, we’ll probably be seeing more from him for years to come.