Chicago Bulls: Dynamic where Bradley Beal trade makes sense

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Bradley Beal on the open trade market this summer should mean the Chicago Bulls at least inquire what it would take to land him.

The opinion of national writer David Aldridge of The Athletic holds that the time is right for the Washington Wizards to both go “all in” on a rebuild and to potentially move star shooting guard Bradley Beal. With a player like Bradley Beal having even the slightest possibility of hitting the trade market this summer, there will be a laundry list of suitors lining up to send offers the Wizards way. That list could possibly include a team like the Chicago Bulls.

At this point of the rebuilding process for the Chicago Bulls, a main goal at hand should just be to stockpile talent. The Bulls aren’t deep enough in the rotation to has specific positional needs that makes them just one step away from title contention. Through and through, this Bulls team still needs to add depth and talent almost across the board.

Chicago Bulls head coach Jim Boylen is lacking in the ability to stretch the floor with the personnel options he has on the bench right now. Heading into the 2019-20 regular season, the Chicago Bulls need to give the coaching staff more resources to work with to modernize this offense to today’s style of play in the NBA.

However, that is a two-way street that involves Boylen. From what we saw from Boylen as the interim head coach this past regular season, the Bulls really slowed it down and posted one of the lowest offensive ratings in the NBA.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Wizards were one of the faster paced teams in the NBA thanks to the presence of modern guards and wings like Otto Porter Jr. and Bradley Beal. The Bulls were already able to land Porter Jr. on the trade market. Bradley Beal could be a possibility too if the idea of the Wizards shipping him out sticks.

Prior to the trade deadline back in February, few anticipated that the Wizards were willing to shop Porter Jr. Yet, the Bulls were able to get a nice return at the deadline and pairing Porter Jr. with Bradley Beal could be a fantastic idea.

Beal is better than a career 38 percent shooter from beyond the arc. He’s also one of the most efficient stars on the offensive end of the floor in the NBA today. Beal posted one of the top offensive ratings on the Wizards, at 113, and sparkling player efficiency rating above 20.

The Bulls are set at shooting guard at the moment with the former Minnesota Timberwolves standout Zach LaVine. Yet, the Bulls could get more creative in the rotation next season if LaVine and Beal are both in the mix. The Bulls could also tool around with the idea of shipping Porter Jr. and his base salary north of $25 million out elsewhere for a nice return to boost the point guard spot.

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All things considered, it doesn’t seem very realistic that the Chicago Bulls would have the direct need or the resources to bring Bradley Beal in from the Wizards. Yet, if the opportunity presents itself to bring him over for a decent return, it is definitely a scenario worth pursuing.