Chicago Bulls players as characters from “The Office”

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bulls
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Zach LaVine = Pam Beesly

Pam Beesly is the quiet, feisty receptionist who, throughout most of the show, has crazy potential. She starts off the show in a relationship that doesn’t last. Then, she falls in love with her best friend, Jim Halpert (more on him later), and nothing is ever the same.

Pam is the receptionist for the majority of the show, but she always wants to be more than that. She has incredible art skills that she manages to display at times, but she struggles to break through in that industry. And despite what people may say about Pam, she’s the glue that holds the whole group together.

This is where Zach LaVine comes in.

Without LaVine, what would the Bulls be? Yes, he has his flaws (defense, ball security), but the Bulls rely on him to create shot opportunities when shot opportunities don’t present themselves. In that same way, other characters rely on Pam constantly. Dwight often turns to her for help, Angela (of all people) turns to her for help and we all know Jim was lost before he and Pam finally got together.

Let’s pretend the Bulls are Jim in this scenario. They were lost before they got LaVine. Jimmy Butler was constantly involved in trade talks and the team was mired in mediocrity. They had no direction. No, Zach LaVine didn’t have the same impact on the Bulls that Pam had on Jim, but at least the Bulls have a direction now.

Tons of fans of The Office think Pam is actually an adverse character. They’ll argue that she stayed with Roy for too long, that she’s passive aggressive and that she holds Jim back from his dream job (in Philly). But I don’t subscribe to that idea – the same way I don’t subscribe to the idea that Zach LaVine is bad for the Bulls.

Zach has his moments. Sometimes he dazzles with his shot-making ability and athleticism, but he often struggles to find consistency. One of these days, just like Pam did with her art, LaVine is going to break through whatever walls are holding him back from consistent success.

LaVine started his career in the wrong relationship. He learned a lot while he was in Minnesota, but it wasn’t the right long-term fit. Hopefully, the Bulls and LaVine can form a relationship similar to Jim and Pam’s. It might not always be easy, but at the end of the day, they love each other and good things are happening.

Also, I bet Pam can do 360 dunks.