Chicago Bulls: 5 players worth watching in the NBA playoffs

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PF/C. 17.9 MPG, 8.6 RPG. Ed Davis. 2. player. 147. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis

Let’s make one thing abundantly clear, Ed Davis is quite possibly the best rebounder in professional basketball. And a stellar defender. And a beloved teammate.

Averaging an incredible 17.3 rebounds per 36 minutes, Davis is a human magnet on the boards. Even though he sees the court for a minimal amount of time a night, he averages 2.7 offensive rebounds a night. Davis’ sheer presence guarantees that his team will get an extra three or four possessions a night.

Although his offensive game is lacking, his defensive occupation of the paint more than makes up for it. Davis is the exact style of player that you can be confident in coming off the bench and not blowing a big lead (like the Bulls were so prone to do this year).

A defensively-minded juggernaut that hustles on every play could do wonders for the developing Chicago Bulls. Perhaps most importantly of all, Davis’ attitude has been described as infectious and he has been a locker room favorite with multiple franchises.

With the Bulls severe lack of depth in big men behind Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter, Davis could be an enormous (both figuratively and  literally) addition to the roster. If his former contract he signed with Brooklyn is any indication, Davis could again be one of the best budget bargains in the NBA.