Chicago Bulls: 15 best defenders of all-time

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. Point Guard. 1994-1999. Ron Harper. 14. player. 24

The Chicago Bulls team that fought its way to the pinnacle in the early 1990s was dynamic on both ends of the court, but the Bulls team of the second three-peat were truly dominant in a way perhaps unmatched by any other team in league history. The player at the point of attack defensively for those teams was Ron Harper.

The 6-6 guard from Miami of Ohio played the start of his career in Cleveland losing to the Bulls, then spent some time with the Los Angeles Clippers. He was in his ninth season in the league when he joined the Bulls as a free agent, and he never looked back.

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Playing point guard with Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan meant every second the other team had the ball was ripe for a transition-sparking turnover. Harper took advantage and went after the ball, posting an excellent 2.8 percent steal rate over five seasons with the Bulls.

Harper’s size and length made the Bulls’ three wing players a devastating combination, and his basketball IQ meant he always seemed to know exactly where to be. He played an integral role in the Bulls’ late-90s dominance and their three straight titles. He also continues to play defense for the Bulls even today, a vocal supporter of his Bulls defeating the best of today’s teams.