Chicago Bulls: Power ranking the top seven bench guys

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4. Shaquille Harrison

Shaquille Harrison is an odd guy to evaluate. Coming into this season, he was a fringe-NBA player. After a nice run with the Bulls, though, he’s proven that he belongs in this league. He works harder than nearly everyone, he’s an incredible perimeter defender and he knows his role. All of those things make him the reliable backup guard that he is.

The problems with Harrison are on the offensive end of the court. He struggles to shoot from anywhere that isn’t right at the rim and he often plays too fast for his own good, resulting in some chaotic sequences.

On the season, Harrison is averaging 5.4 points per game on 41.5 percent shooting from the field (yikes) and 25.4 percent shooting from 3-point range (double yikes). Those definitely aren’t the scoring numbers you want from a backup guard, but Shaq makes up for it on the defensive end.

Shaq probably won’t be a Bull for the long-haul, but for the time being, he’s a nice reserve. He likely has a future in this league, just not with the Bulls.