Chicago Bulls: 5 draft prospects the Bulls should look at

Chicago Bulls (Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images) /
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John Paxson and Gar Forman, the Chicago Bulls front office pairing.
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With the Chicago Bulls’ playoff aspirations dead, the Bulls should look ahead to the draft. Aside from Zion, there are some quality players worth taking.

Despite a season in which the front office had playoff dreams for the Chicago Bulls, the team has completely sputtered out of the playoff race. Riddled with injuries and drama, the Bulls have effectively made this a lost season. Not all hope is lost!  Despite some Sophomore year blues for Lauri Markkanen, he’s still looking like the Bulls made the right decision in making him one of the cornerstones of the franchise. Last years draft pick, Wendell Carter Jr., has had moments offensively while displaying some really impressive defensive tools for someone so young. If it’s one thing that Gar Forman and John Paxson have done well in their time in the FO, It’s been identifying good talent (for the most part).

According to, the Bulls have the 2nd-best draft odds. The only team with a worst winning percentage than them are the Cleveland Cavaliers. This draft is going to be very weird.

There’s the slamdunk, once-in-a-generation player – Zion Williamson – and then there’s a bunch of very solid players. Though there’s only one elite prospect,  there are some other prospects who can help out the Bulls in the future. This draft has some very 2016-ish vibes to it in that after the #1 pick who knows what pick the 2nd best player from this draft is going to come from. If the Bulls get the #1 pick then they absolutely should take Zion Willamson. However, let’s take a look at who are 5 other draft prospects that the Chicago Bulls should be looking at for the 2019 NBA Draft.