Chicago Bulls: Potential Trade Packages For Jabari Parker

Chicago Bulls Jabari Parker (Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls Jabari Parker (Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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4. Miami Heat

Out of all the teams in the league, the Heat and Trail Blazers made the worst financial decisions when the salary spiked in 2016. To this day, both of these teams are unable to really improve their teams because of them.

Both Tyler Johnson and James Johnson contracts combined total to a  hefty salary hit of 33 million dollars annually for the next 2 years. If Pat Riley and the Heat want any chance of being free agent players, they need to get rid of their bad contracts, which is only possible by trading draft assets.

That’s where the Bulls come in to save the day. Most likely, the Bulls will not a huge free agency destination, so they can use their cap instead to take in bad contracts and pick up as many draft picks as possible.

By trading away a first and a few second round draft picks, the Heat get a solid scorer and lower their cap hit by 25 million next year. And if after this trade they keep their roster the same, would not be in negative cap next year. With some extra moves, the Heat would be players in free agency again.

Both the Johnson’s as well would impact the depth of the Bulls as well. With Portis still injured, James Johnson would bring toughness the Bulls are very much lacking. Tyler Johnson would also help by easing the responsibility that the Bulls are currently placing on Ryan Arcidiacono  and Shaquille Harrison.