Chicago Bulls: Potential Trade Packages For Jabari Parker

Chicago Bulls Jabari Parker (Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls Jabari Parker (Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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5. Oklahoma City Thunder

This may seem like the Thunder are giving a lot for a player whose value is at an all time low, but this actually benefits the Thunder immensely.

Currently they only have Jerami Grant and Patrick Patterson at the 4 position. Jerami Grant has played exceptionally in the starting line-up, but Patrick Patterson on the other hand has been a complete dud this year, averaging 3.9 points on 32.8% shooting.

That’s where Jabari would come in and thrive. Sure he’s not the defender that Patterson is, but his offensive versatility is what the Thunder would value. Playing the same 15 minutes Patterson had off the bench, Parker would be able to give another weapon for Russell Westbrook and Paul George to utilize, playing as a stretch 4, and with his size and strength, small ball 5.

This also helps the Thunder as they currently are  at -47.73 million in Cap space. Because of Parker’s team option, they would be able to clear 20 million of that, reducing the luxury tax they would have to pay.

As for the Bulls, the return is pretty simple: Draft capital and veterans. With Bobby Portis out due to injury, the Bulls would now have a veteran 4 that can back up and mentor Lauri Markkanen. Also, if the Bulls can’t match a large contract that Portis may receive next off-season, they would still have Patterson to play the 4.

The other piece would be Andre Roberson. Still out with injury, we don’t really know if Roberson is the same impact player he was in the past years. However if he is still as good as a defender as he was before, the Bulls have some quality defenders that can help improve their last place defense.

Finally, the 1st round draft pick is just the sweetener for taking salary relief. The Thunder will be a top team this year so the pick will be in the late 20’s. The Thunder wouldn’t really miss it too much, but the Bulls could use it to find a gem in the draft.