Chicago Bulls: 15 best scorers in franchise history

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Jerry Sloan, Chicago Bulls
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. Small forward. 1966-76. Jerry Sloan. 13. player. 24

In any era, there are players who get by not on athletic gifts that may have been granted to them by the basketball gods, but instead, carve out a career by becoming the epitome of heart, hustle and tenacity.

Normally, such attributes manifest themselves on the defensive end, and while that certainly was the case for Jerry Sloan, his all-out style of play helped him score some buckets as well.

Originally drafted by the Baltimore Bullets, Sloan would spend just a single season with the team before heading to Chicago, where he would see an increase in minutes and a subsequent rise in his productivity.

Sloan averaged 14.7 points while spending a decade with the Bulls. It was certainly not among the elites of the game, but a solid scorer nonetheless. His constant drive was evident in his playing style, always in attack mode looking to barrel his way towards the basket.

Such tactics clearly had their moments, but with only a 42.7 percent conversion rate from the field, it wasn’t always the most efficient way to play, given the energy it sucks out of a player over the course of a game, season and career.

In all honesty, Sloan made his mark on the other side of the court as the longtime head coach of the Utah. However, it was the same mentality that allowed him to play both sides of the ball for as long as he did. This allowed him to carve out a career that may not have been the most flashy, but one that certainly paid dividends to the Bulls.