Chicago Bulls: 15 best scorers in franchise history

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Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls
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1984-93/1995-98. Michael Jordan. 1. player. 24. . Shooting guard

Not really much suspense at the No. 1 spot, right?

To say Michael Jordan is the greatest scorer to ever play for the Bulls seems like an understatement. Rather, he’s arguably the greatest scorer in NBA history.

One of the greatest dunkers the game has ever seen, MJ’s leaping ability appeared to defy the laws of physics, as the six-time champion would suspend himself in midair for what seemed like ages. He’d power through opponents and dunk on their souls or simply maneuver around them while laying the ball up softly off the glass.

Then there was his work in the mid-range department, some of the best in league history with footwork that was second to none. No matter the defensive coverage, Jordan would always manage to get a shot off, whether that meant backing his opponent down and releasing one of his sweet fadeaway jumpers or just facing up and firing at will. Either way, it was pretty automatic.

Jordan did prove mortal when it came to outside shooting, but as his athleticism decreased he slowly developed a respectable 3-point shot.

He averaged 28.2 points as a rookie. He led the league in scoring a whopping 10 times including seven straight. Jordan finished his career third all-time on the scoring list, despite missing nearly five seasons roughly around his prime due to retirement.

It seems as though words cannot do Jordan’s scoring abilities justice, as there simply wasn’t anyone like him in the modern era.

The man was a workaholic, and it showed through his ability to get a bucket from almost any spot on the court independent on how good the opposing defense may have been.

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Almost universally regarded as the greatest of all time, Jordan was great at a lot of things on the basketball court. However, the legend of MJ starts with his ability to put the ball in the basket. For that, he claims the top spot on this list as the greatest scorer to ever don a Bulls uniform.