Should the Chicago Bulls Pursue Aaron Gordon in Free Agency?

MILWAUKEE, WI - JANUARY 10: Aaron Gordon
MILWAUKEE, WI - JANUARY 10: Aaron Gordon /

Aaron Gordon will be one of the most coveted free agents this summer. Should the Chicago Bulls make themselves available to acquiring the 22-year old rising star?

The 2018 NBA free agent class is not the best we have ever seen. While most teams will be waiting to cash in on the 2019 free agents. However, there will still be some talent up for grabs this summer, including Magic forward Aaron Gordon.

Gordon has elevated his play enormously this year, and is averaging a respectable 18 points and 8 rebounds per game. He has done so despite playing for a very lackluster Orlando team. Chicago will head into the off-season with the second most cap room in the NBA, which asks the question whether or not the Bulls should go be a team going after Gordon as well.

Would Gordon be a good fit on the Bulls roster?

The initial question is a simple one; where does he fit in Chicago’s lineup? The Bulls currently have a promising backcourt and front court duos in Kris Dunn/Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen/Bobby Portis. There is one glaring hole at the small forward position though.

A carousel of players have started in that spot this season, and Gordon would be head-and-shoulders better than anyone else. So, would the young star be a good fit to round out the starting lineup? It seems that way on paper, but it may not be so picture perfect.

Gordon is a natural power forward, he does not have the ball handling skill to always creat a shot for himself, and has a shaky shot from behind the 3-point line Also, the Magic have been lackluster on defense when Gordon plays small forward for them, so there reason to worry in Chicago that adding Gordon would not be the best option.

Does Gordon’s upside outweigh his current faults?

So he does create insanely well, does not have the best jumper from range, and has a hard time guarding other wing players. Why would the Bulls ever pull the trigger on acquiring Gordon? Probably because Gordon’s potential is through the roof. Gordon is only 22-years old, but has four years of experience under his belt already.

He has continually raised his averages, and has out of this world athleticism. He can play both small and power forward, and would run the floor well LaVine and Dunn. Gordon’s ability to space the floor with a capable 3-point shot also would open things up for Chicago’s offense. Adding a young, blossoming star like Gordon would have its benefits now, and down the road.

Maybe the biggest question about Gordon: Will he be worth the money he will be looking to get?

The 2017 NBA free-agent frenzy really changed things. Teams started investing in player they believed would  eventually be stars, not those who are stars. Aaron Gordon definitely falls in that category, and will be looking to get paid in free agency. Gordon will be looking for a max contract, and as a rebuilding team, it seems like a hard decision for the Bulls to invest so much money into someone not totally proven yet.

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There is no question that Aaron Gordon is an incredibly talented player. He is a emerging star, and some team is going to pay him to help their team. The question is whether or not the Bulls will be one of those teams looking to acquire him.