Three takeaways from the Bulls loss to the Kings


The Chicago Bulls out tanked the Sacramento Kings on Monday night, losing a game they led by 19 after the first quarter. Here’s three takeaways from the Bulls 104-98 loss.

Get well soon Kris Dunn.

Here’s a takeaway we’ve had forever. For the love of god, get well and come back soon Kris Dunn. Watching Jerian Grant start at point guard has not only been ugly, but it throws the second rotation off to an awful degree, albeit good for tanking purposes.

The Bulls started the second quarter with a lineup of Ryan Arcidiacono, David Nwaba, Denzel Valentine, Paul Zipser and Cristiano Felicio.

Arcidiacono almost recorded a seven trillion. For the uninitiated, a trillion is where one plays one minute of basketball without recording any type of statistic. It was started by Mark Titus, a walk-on at the University of Ohio State.

Well, Arcidiacono managed to snag a rebound and therefore did not join the even more exclusive, NBA trillion club. I know Arcidiacono isn’t asked to do much and piling on him might not be fair,  but come on. You’d think he’d have to accidentally get an assist or at least take a shot in seven minutes.

Bulls have a chance to get a top three pick

Look, I’m all for picking up a top pick in this year’s draft and Chicago is headed for exactly that. The Bulls currently have the sixth worst record in the NBA and are two games behind the Atlanta Hawks, owner of the league’s worst record (16-37).

Tankathon states Chicago has a 21.5 percent chance of receiving a top three pick and that is sure to improve after the Nikola Mirotic trade. Add on to the Niko trade that Robin Lopez could be moved by trade deadline and you’ve got a recipe for tanking success.

However, I also enjoy taking in NBA games that are watchable and the aforementioned lineup is not inclined to play watchable basketball. Nwaba is great, but anytime he’s your second best scoring threat in a lineup you’re in deep trouble.

And I haven’t even mentioned the start to the game. The Kings didn’t make their first bucket until 6:04 was remaining in the quarter, starting 0-for-10. You’d imagine the Bulls would have a big lead with such a horrid start from the opposition, but you’d be incorrect.

No, Chicago led by a margin of 10-0. They managed to shoot 2-for-10 from the field during that span, both Justin Holiday makes from 3.

Please Kris Dunn, come back.

Justin Holiday gunning in the first quarter

This season, Justin Holiday is averaging 4.2 field goal attempts in the first quarter. Considering he averages 11.7 field goal attempts per game, over a third of his shots are coming in the first quarter.

While this isn’t outrageous since he averages about 11 minutes played in the first quarter and 34 for the game, his first quarter attempts stick out to me.

Many a time Holiday shoots his ill-advised, out of control shots in the first quarter, sometimes to the detriment of the team.

Not so in Sacramento on Monday, when Holiday outscored the Kings by himself in the first quarter. Holiday finished with 11 points on 4-of-6 shooting and went 3-for-5 from 3.  Sacramento went 4-for-20 from the field in the first quarter.

Keep gunning Holiday, you’re wearing number seven after all. Honor Ben Gordon’s legacy.

Zach LaVine elicits a Derrick Rose reaction from Stacey King

One fateful January night in Phoenix, Goran Dragic made the mistake of challenging Derrick Rose at the rim on a breakaway.

What happened next was the closest thing to pure euphoria there is. My words won’t do it justice, so I’ll let Stacey take it away.

Did you not get the memo??

Well JaKarr Sampson, welcome to the I did not get the memo, aka the Goran Dragic club. Maybe one day Zach Lowe will have you on his podcast and ask you how that dunk felt.

I know I ripped the Bulls earlier for unwatchable basketball, but this play single handedly makes up for all of that.

Zach LaVine and his ludicrous vertical is back and we’re all in for a treat. The ball will be in his hands almost at all times when he’s playing and the poster list will soon grow and with it, Bulls fans hope for the future.