Just making the playoffs isn’t the goal for the Chicago Bulls

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 27: Kris Dunn /

Lately the Chicago Bulls have been playing great basketball, so a lot of fans are thinking that maybe this team can actually make the playoffs.

Bulls players and fans are wondering, can this team actually make the playoffs this season?

The Chicago Bulls have played really good basketball in the month of December. In their first 23 games of the season the Bulls went 3-20. Fans couldn’t wait for the 2018 NBA draft. Now it seems like things have changed. They have won nine of their last 11 games. The talk now is that maybe this team can make the playoffs. The way the Bulls have played lately is giving fans hope that maybe this team is good enough to make the playoffs, especially when Zach LaVine comes back.

Look I get it. The way this team has played the last month or so has been a lot of fun to watch. After the win against the Knicks, I was surprised by how many fans tweeted that the front office shouldn’t make any trades and let this team play it out and see how far they go. My answer to that is hell no. I love Bulls fans and I think the Bulls have one of the best fan bases in the world, but on this one they are completely wrong.

There is a reason why this past summer the front office decided to rebuild. Bulls fans are so used to the team making the playoffs that they want this team to make the playoffs once again this season.

Just making the playoffs is not worth it

The Bulls have made the playoffs eight times in the last nine years. They made the Eastern Conference Finals once during that span. They were eliminated five times in the first round. What I’m trying to say is just making the playoffs shouldn’t be the goal for your team. It’s not worth it making the playoffs year after year if you don’t win it all. The Bulls the last couple of seasons were never good enough to win the championship and they screwed themselves over by not getting a good draft pick.

A big reason why the Bulls organization decided to rebuild was because year after year they were the middle team. In the last couple of years the team would always finish the regular season the sixth, seventh, or eights seed. The organization had enough of being a mediocre team and decided to do something about it.

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If you think the Bulls can win a championship this season then you are out of your mind. Let’s say they finish the regular season the seventh or eight’s seed. They make the playoffs, but they get eliminated after four games. What was the point of all of that?  It’s not worth it getting elimated after four games. The team picked a new direction because they wanted to avoid those kind of things.

A lot of people are not big fans of Gar Forman and John Paxson, but those two are not stupid. They know what they are doing and I’m 95% sure that they will start to make some trades in the next month or so to slow down the winning, and pick up the losing. You can’t just half rebuild. If you are going to rebuild then you got to rebuild all the way. Remember that coaches and players never tank, but the front office does.