Let’s not kid ourselves, the Chicago Bulls are going to be really bad this season

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 13: Cristiano Felicio
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 13: Cristiano Felicio /

The Chicago Bulls won three games in the preseason, but that doesn’t change the fact that the team is still going to be horrible this season.

I was not impressed at all from what I saw from the Chicago Bulls during the preseason. Let’s not kid ourselves, this team is going to be really bad. The Bulls shot a lot of threes in the preseason and I mean a lot of them.

During the preseason, Coach Fred Hoiberg wanted his players to push the pace and find a rhythm offensively. I understand Hoiberg loves a fast pace offense but some of the players on this team are struggling with that because that’s simply not their game.

For example, a player that tried to do too much during the preseason is Bobby Portis. His game is being down by the basket and shooting mid range shots. During the preseason Portis shot way too many threes. That’s just not his game. He also played very sloppy. Obviously the Bulls are going to shoot a lot of threes this season because that’s Hoiberg’s style, but some of the players need to stick to their game.

Cristiano Felicio is a nice guy but man does he look lost on the court. He got a big contract extension during free agency, but he was a big disappointment in the preseason. He shot too many mid range shots, but again he is forcing those shots. His game is being down by the basket.

Should Jerian Grant be the starting point guard?

Jerian Grant will likely be the starting point guard for the season opener, but my biggest issue with that is Grant should not be playing that position. Grant is a catch and shoot kind of player. Every time a defender is on him when he has the ball, he just looks nervous. He doesn’t look comfortable. Grant is a true shooting guard. Kris Dunn should be the starting point guard for this team. If Dunn didn’t get injured during the preseason, then I truly believe that he would be the starter.

Nikola Mirotic needs to find a new sport to play

Year after year, Nikola Mirotic continues to drive me crazy. Where should I start? He is a waste of a roster spot. He doesn’t belong on a NBA court. Too many pump fakes and shoots way to many threes. He is just a bad player that doesn’t belong in this league. He can’t defend other players. It’s an embarrassment. 

Bulls rookie Lauri Markkanen missed some time during the preseason because he had back issues. The games that Markkanen did play he did show some flashes. I think he will turn into a very solid player but he needs to continue to get playing time.

Justin Holiday is a good player and showed up during the preseason, but what will happen when Zach LaVine comes back? I think you got to start LaVine over Holiday, but you just never know.

Are the Chicago Bulls actually going to be bad this season?

Let’s face it, The Chicago Bulls are going to be horrible this season. Whoever thinks that they are not going to be that bad is just not watching this team play. Look at their roster. They just don’t have enough talent. There are going to be games when they lose by 40 points and there are going to be games when they lost by 20 points.

I think this team will win around 15 games this season. The Bulls need to compete in every game. No excuses. If they stop competing and quit on each other then we are going to have a big problem. Bulls are going to be a bad defensive team and the only thing that will keep them close is if they make at least 15 three pointers a game.

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If the Bulls start winning a lot of games and it’s a big if then they should trade Robin Lopez. Lopez is a very solid player and has good value on the trade market. No matter what, The Bulls need to trade Lopez. Yes the Bulls won games in the preseason, but again it’s the preseason. This is going to be a long season. Don’t get you hopes up, this team is going to be awful. Welcome to the rebuild.