Top 30 Moments in Chicago Bulls History

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25. Bulls Win Derrick Rose Lottery

It was definitely not a sure thing that the Bulls would win the lottery for Derrick Rose. In fact, at the time folks didn’t know whether the No. 1 overall pick would be Rose or Michael Beasley. That looks like a no-brainer in hindsight, but Beasley put up some Kevin Durant-like numbers in college, and it was a legitimate debate for a while.

The Bulls obviously made the right choice, and even though Rose isn’t the player he once was, there is still time for a fairy tale ending to his career in Chi-Town. That may not be the most likely scenario at the moment, but it could still happen if Fred Hoiberg is able to get the best out of this team.

In 2008, the Bulls only had a 1.7% chance of winning the lottery, and thank the basketball gods that they did.

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