Top 30 Moments in Chicago Bulls History

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29. Adding Dennis Rodman in Free Agency

It probably went against the Bulls’ initial inclination to add an irritant like Dennis Rodman to their team, but as Chicago learned quite quickly: it is a lot better to have Rodman on your team than not. He went on to be a part of probably the best basketball team of all time, and his rebounding was essential to what the Bulls and Jordan were pulling off.

The pound-for-pound best rebounder of all time was sometimes called “The Worm”, and that doesn’t even begin to describe his career off the court. Since retiring, Rodman has gotten close with Kim Jong-un, but the power forward will be best remembered for his days with the Bulls. We can only hope that another player like him will come along one day for Chicago, because he was a special guy with the capability to take over a game without ever shooting the ball.

His antics on and off the court made him a true NBA legend, and he was at times the bizarre ying to Jordan’s yang.

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