Top 30 Moments in Chicago Bulls History

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Dec 21, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan unveils the new Charlotte Hornets logo at halftime during the game against the Utah Jazz at Time Warner Cable Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

14. Jordan Over Russell, Part I

In the ESPN 30 for 30 called “Winning Time”, Ahmad Rashad mentioned how certain players just have a knack for making the big shots in “crunch time”.

Michael Jordan may rank at the top of that list of players by a wide margin.

After league MVP Karl Malone missed two free throws to give the Utah Jazz a two-point lead in the final seconds of Game 1 of the 1997 NBA Finals, everybody knew who was taking the final shot of regulation.

Jordan got to a good spot on the left side of the floor, rose, fired, and drained a game-winner with Byron Russell not being able to keep up (more on him later on).

The Bulls took a 1-0 series lead and would win in six games to clinch their fifth title in a seven-year span.

The Mailman may not deliver on Sundays, but Michael Jordan does.

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