Top 30 Moments in Chicago Bulls History

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17. MJ Buries A Free Throw With His Eyes Closed

This might be quite a brief moment during MJ’s career, but it was still pretty fantastic. He and Dikembe Mutombo always had beef, but that makes sense because their goals in life were equal and opposite. Mutombo lived to stop people at the rim and wag the finger at them, and Jordan lived to dunk over people and trash talk them afterward. This play was so remarkable that the sideline announcers didn’t even realize it had happened. It came in a 107-100 victory for Chicago and Jordan dropped 37 points in the game.

The Bulls would win their second championship later this year, and Jordan showed what we would call Stephen Curry-level swagger for the entire season. There are plenty of highlights out there of MJ dunking over bigs like Mutombo, but somehow sinking a blindfolded free throw is a little bit more gangster.

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