Top 30 Moments in Chicago Bulls History

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22. Joakim Noah Doesn’t Want to Vacation in Cleveland

Noah will tell you what he thinks regardless of the situation, and this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the details. Noah made it quite clear that he wouldn’t ever want to vacation in Cleveland, but then when LeBron left for the Heat it made things more complicated.

Joakim likes the city of Miami, but he didn’t like the Heat when James was there. Noah leaving the Bulls looks like a possibility at this point after Fred Hoiberg decided to bench the big man, but hopefully that is a bridge fans won’t have to cross for a while. The center still has some effective basketball left to play, but it might just have to be with another team. He looks a lot more spry after coming off of a gimpy season, and there will be some more great quotes from him in the future for sure.

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