More Miscommunication Between Fred Hoiberg and a Bulls Player


It’s not the biggest deal in the world when it comes to the Chicago Bulls, but the miscommunication between Fred Hoiberg and a few of his players is noteworthy and rather odd.

After Sunday’s practice, Fred Hoiberg spoke with the media and one of the topics he spoke on was Derrick Rose‘s double vision issues. Rose had surgery to repair an orbital bone fracture on Sept. 30 and has suffered from vision issues since going under the knife.

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It’s been 47 days since Rose’s surgery and his vision is still an issue. Not only is Rose still seeing two of everything, his game has suffered. In nine games this season, Rose is shooting just 35.9 percent from the floor and has made just one of his 18 three-point attempts. His player efficiency rating is lower than the 10 regular season games he played before tearing his meniscus during the 2013-14 season.

Hoiberg’s response to the duration of Rose’s vision issues was rather interesting.

Everyone heals in different ways, but Rose’s double vision issues lasting into the month of December seems like a big problem if true. Rose has an offensive rating of 85 and a defensive rating of 104. (Only Doug McDermott‘s defensive rating of 105 is worse for players who have played more than 20 minutes this season.)

When Rose caught wind of Hoiberg’s response to the media, Rose was basically taken back by Hoiberg’s mention of him suffering through another month-plus of double vision.

This is weird (again).

Remember the whole “Joakim Noah suggested that he come off the bench” thing, when in fact, he didn’t? There’s also the whole agree-to-disagree thing between Hoiberg and Rose over how Rose was running the offense.

Miscommunication happens in anything, including sports. But, this is rather odd that it’s happened again with Hoiberg and one of his players. It’s not headline-grabbing news, but it’s another case of the Bulls moving through a transition period in a new era.

The Bulls are learning a quicker offense (that’s had ups and downs) and a more relaxed defensive approach (that’s had a fair share of issues), along with learning from a new coaching staff. Not many franchises in the NBA are going through more change than the Chicago Bulls.

Rose even mentioned that he is still suffering through double vision.

"“You kind of have that hope in your mind that it gets well quicker, but for this to be seven or eight (weeks) out and still the same way, I can’t do nothing but live with it.“It’s still blurry when I look certain ways. The depth perception of the rim, my eyes are thrown off. I’m finding ways around it, but there’s no excuses. I’m not going to blame anything on it. I just know it’s part of the process and something I have to deal with.”"

Two things have to happen for the Bulls: Rose and Hoiberg have to get on the same page with things and Rose has to improve physically and in the nightly stat sheets. Outside of Rose’s performance against Oklahoma City on Nov. 5, his play has been less than satisfactory. But, when you take an elbow to the eye during the first practice of the season and have to have surgery, it’s bound to set anyone back.

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